Bliss! I'm Daria "Ria" Takharu
aka Riasweetraw
aka Visionary Goddess

I'm passionate about Natural Health, Clean Food, Organic Gardens, Feeling Confident, Radiant, Alive, Happy and Loved! For over 20 years, I've been into vegetarian, vegan and non-gmo foods practising natural health, healing and exercise modalities to increase immunity and longevity. I'm a certified group fitness instructor and health coach! And I want to share my passion for natural living, fitness, beauty and creativity!

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Be Natural! Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Love!

Be Natural!

Learn to live in your most natural state and increase your confidence and power!

Be Fit!

Start a fitness plan and stick to it! Learn a routine that gets results!

Be Healthy!

Support your goals with good eating habits! With easy and quick recipes!

Be Love!

Awaken to your personal power and take action!

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